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I am teacher, wife, mom of two children. I am busy with work and school and sport activities for my children. I love spending time with my husband. I am frequently found with my iPad with my Kindle app open. I enjoy reading romance novels and books that allow me to escape. You will find me reading in long lines, the doctor's office and anywhere I am waiting. I could happily spend a day reading away.

New Release-Finding Kyle by Sawyer Bennett 

Author: Sawyer Bennett Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense Goodreads: Blurb: When you’ve lived your life as a criminal… When you’ve done unspeakable things … When your soul has become dark and stained… The path to redemption begins where you least expect it. Kyle Sommerville … Continue reading New Release-Finding Kyle by Sawyer Bennett 

Monday Reading List: New Release by Sawyer Bennett

☆ ☆ New Release from Sawyer Bennett ☆ ☆  Opposites attract. Then they fall in love.   SEXY LIES AND ROCK & ROLL, the all new stand alone romantic comedy from Sawyer Bennett, is available now —->   Yummy Cover ❤ Goodreads —-> reading Monday Reading List: New Release by Sawyer Bennett

Re-Release Party & Giveaway- Noble Passions by Sabrina York

Celebrate the re-release of the Noble Passions Series from Sabrina York with a hot sale and a mega giveaway!

Read on for a chance to win one of the Noble Passions Tiaras!


The Noble Passions Series
Follow the decadent exploits of friends and enemies as they
find love and passion in the glittering world of the Regency—and its dark
underbelly. All books are stand alone titles.
Dark Fancy
Book 1 in the Noble Passions Series from Sabrina York
2014 Carolyn Reader’s Choice Award
When Lady Helena Simpson flees an unwanted marriage to a
revolting lord, she finds refuge with James, a charming, handsome man unlike
any she’s ever known. Helena concocts the perfect solution to her problem. She
asks—begs—James to ruin her. Surely her betrothed will repudiate her if she is
no longer pure. And if all her efforts fail and she still ends up married to a
horrid man until the end of her days, she will at least once have known true
But James is not all he seems. He is, in fact, a wicked lord
with a dark fancy. When Helena awakens his desire, he becomes determined to
take everything she has to offer and more. No matter the cost.
Dark Duke
Book 2 in the Noble Passions Series from Sabrina York
2014 Golden Ankh Winner
Edward Wyeth, the Dark Duke of Moncrieff’s life has been
turned on its end. His well-ordered home has been invaded. By destitute
relatives. From Scotland. How on earth can he write Lord Hedon’s salacious
novels with hellions battling in the garden and starting fires in the library?
But with the onslaught has come a delicious diversion. His cousin’s companion,
the surprisingly intriguing Kaitlin MacAllister. He is determined to seduce
her. Using her desperate need for funds and her talents as an artist, he
convinces her to draw naughty pictures for his naughtier books…and he draws her
into his decadent web.
But Kaitlin has a secret. She’s fled Scotland—and a very
determined betrothed. When Edward’s cousin is kidnapped and held in her stead,
Kaitlin is honor-bound to return to her homeland and rescue her—much to
Edward’s chagrin.
Because suddenly he can’t bear the thought of Kaitlin marrying another man. He
can’t bear the thought of losing her at all.
Book 3 in the Noble Passions Series from Sabrina York
Kidnapped and held prisoner by menacing Scottish brigand,
the notorious McCloud, Violet Wyeth does her best to persevere…and resist his
rakish charms. But when she realizes The McCloud is really Ewan St. Andrews,
the boy who once saved her life, the boy who once kissed her and made her heart
flutter, she is lost.
Ewan has every intention of marrying Lady Kaitlin
MacAllister. He desperately needs the entrée into the ton this bride can
provide. But when his bride is delivered—bound and gagged—it’s not Kaitlin.
It’s Violet Wyeth—the girl who betrayed him and ruined his life when he was a
boy. He keeps her, determined to punish her for her sins. But when he discovers
the truth about what really happened so long ago, and seething passion rises
between them, he can no longer hold on to his rusty grudge. By the time he
realizes how much he loves Violet—that he always has—he’s lost her.
All he can do is follow her. Follow her into the bowels of
hell—and partake in the torment of the glittering London Season, where the
harpies are far more dangerous than a Scottish brigand.
Book 4 in the Noble Passions Series from Sabrina York
When rakish Ned falls in with the wrong crowd, his brother
decides to send him to the Continent for “seasoning”. For Sophia, this just
won’t do. She’s loved Ned for ages—and also longed for adventure. She runs away
from her boring suitors and disguises herself as a cabin boy on the Defiant,
the ship sailing Ned to Italy.

Ned knows he’s not good enough for Sophia, but once they’re on the Defiant, he
can’t stop himself from touching her, tasting her, loving her. Not when a wild
tempest and a band of ruthless pirates threaten them. Not when every look from
her gives him such pleasure. And certainly not when she comes, warm and wild
and willing, to his bed.

If they survive their voyage, Sophia’s brother might kill him, but it will have
been worth every moment and every hot, sweet kiss.

Book 5 in the Noble Passions Series from Sabrina York
2014 EPIC eBook Award Finalist

2013 Passionate Plume Finalist

Widowed and threatened with penury by her heartless in-laws, Eleanor–Lady
Ulster–hatches a plot to save herself. Determined to produce the Ulster
“heir”, she seduces a stranger at a tawdry masquerade. Little does
she know, this magnificent masked lover is none other than her husband’s
greatest nemesis. And God knows Ulster had plenty.Ethan Pennington is mortified to arrive at a house party and discover Lady
Ulster in attendance. He has wanted her and hated wanting her–his enemy’s
bride–for years. When he overhears Eleanor’s predicament and her plans to
place a cuckoo in the Ulster nest, he is more than willing to oblige. The
opportunity to finally claim her–while taking the revenge he craves–is more
than he can resist. Ethan strikes a bargain with Eleanor, promising to provide
her with the heir she so desperately needs…if she will meet his needs in return.
Every decadent one of them.


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