Guest Blogger: Victoria Vane and Release of Beauty and the Bull Rider

I’m thrilled to host my first guest blogger, Victoria Vane. I have had the privilege of reading her Hotel Rodeo series, and Victoria’s going to share her reasons for reading the series. So without further ado, please welcome Victoria Vane-


Five reasons to Read the Hotel Rodeo Series

It’s funny!

“She’s way out of your league, cowboy.”
“Is she now?” Ty remarked, stretching his smile. 
“Are you implying she dumped me for you?” Evan asked with a laugh.
“Apparently she knows a good thing when she sees it. You didn’t.” Ty shrugged. “Guess that means I win. You lose.”
“Who says the game’s over?” Evan replied. “I never lose, cowboy. I’ve got more money and more influence than you could even imagine. I always get what I want.”
“Is that so, Evan?” Monica stood in the doorway, wrap around her shoulders and bag in hand. “Did I just interrupt some kind of pissing contest? If so, I can end it now.” She looked from one man to the other, and then added with a smile, “For the record, Evan, Ty’s is bigger.”


It’s sexy!

He’d sworn not to rush it—until her fingers coiled in his hair, giving it a solid yank that made his head snap back. “Now Ty!”

He was hardly able to suppress the howl of mirth that threatened to burst out. He’d never performed on demand before, but there was always a first.  “Gotta love a woman who know what she wants.” Monica didn’t shy from taking what she wanted. Neither did he. He threw her over his shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing?” she shrieked. “Quit manhandling me!” His breath gushed out as her knee made contact with his gut. He was thankful it wasn’t a few inches lower. “You started the rough stuff, Ms. Brandt. Now I’m gonna finish it.”

“Let me down. I can walk!”

“And I can carry you. Just go with it, Sugar,” he chuckled. “It makes me feel manly.”

Ty Morgan

“Please Ty! Just hear me out. Can’t we just talk about this like two rational adults?” Delaney asked.

“That’s a tall order when one of us is out of her ever-lovin’ mind.”

“Look, it’s not like I’m not asking for us to get back together. It’s just a little sperm, Ty. How hard can that be? Hell you’ve probably wasted enough of it over the years to populate half of Oklahoma.”

He returned a glower. “I’d never be so reckless. I’ve never gotten a woman pregnant.”

“I didn’t say you had. I just said you could have, given all the ones you’ve slept with.”

“It’s probably only a fraction of the number you think I’ve been with.”

“Whatever.” She waved a hand. “It’s water under the bridge.”

“Why don’t you just find yourself another husband? Wouldn’t that be a lot better solution? You might be batshit crazy but at least you still have your looks.” – TWO TO WRANGEL  (Hotel Rodeo #2) by VICTORIA VANE

Ty Morgan

I didn’t want or need your interference, Monica,” he grumbled. “I can handle arrogant assholes like that. Been doing it my whole life.”
“So what did you expect me to do? Stand there and let him insult you? The way you two were eyeballing each other, I was beginning to think I might see some blood.”
“I doubt it would have come to that,” he said.
“So it was all just ridiculous male posturing?”
“Pretty much,” he confessed.
“He really does have more money and influence than you, Ty,” Monica said. “He made Forbes Top 100 mogul list just last year. There’s no way you could ever top him in anything related to business, but you are in fact much better endowed. That shut him right down, didn’t it?”
“Sure did. He may never get it up again.” He signaled the limo. “I miss my damned truck.”


Zac McDaniel

“C’mere.” He jerked his head in a beckoning motion.

“What for?” she asked warily.

“I think it’s time for a little test. We can end this whole debate here and now.”

“What kinda test?”

“The kiss test,” he said. “It’s real simple. I’m gonna kiss you. If you can stand there and do absolutely nothing, you win and I lose.”

“What’s the point?” she asked.

“Sexual compatibility,” he said. “If we kiss and I don’t do it for you, I’ll drop any ideas of sex with you and submit to the test tube.”

“That simple?” she said. “You’ll donate your sperm if I let you kiss me?”

“As long as you don’t respond. That means no sounds. No kissing back. No touching.”

“Just one kiss?” she said.

“One kiss.”

“How long a kiss?” she asked.

“A standard breath hold,” he replied.

“No tricks?”

He held out his bare arms. “Nothing up my sleeve.”

Slapping his wet shirt down on the counter, she upturned her face. “Okay, Zac. I’ll let you kiss me.”

Now that the moment had come, Zac’s heart hammered against his breastbone. He’d never been nervous about a kiss, but then again, a kiss had never meant all that much to him. That wasn’t to say he didn’t like kissing. It was a pleasant enough pastime, but mostly it just served as an appetizer to the main course. He suddenly realized he didn’t know if he was a good kisser or not. He’d never had to try all that hard. Most of the women he’d been with were already primed for a tumble well before the first lip lock. He’d never suffered a crisis of confidence with any woman, but this wasn’t just any woman—it was Delaney McCall, the woman he hoped to spend the rest of his life with. – BEAUTY AND THE BULL RIDER (Hotel Rodoe#3) by VICTORIA VANE

Thanks for Victoria for that great post, doesn’t that just make you want to veg out and break out your kindle or whatever you read on? This series was so enjoyable and on March 15th, Victoria’s next book in the Hotel Rodeo was released. I was honored to preview the book and wrote my review below. I think this may be my favorite of the three! Totally love Zac!!

Beauty And The Bull Rider

Beauty and the Bull Rider
Hotel Rodeo #3
By: Victoria Vane
Releasing March 15, 2016
Lyrical Shine
When Beauty Wants A Baby

Championship bull breeder and former Texas beauty queen Delaney McCall was having a heck of a time finding a daddy for the baby she craved. A failed marriage left her with no desire for another husband, but finding the right stud to satisfy her needs presents a bigger problem that she could have imagined.

And The Bullrider Wants Beauty

After hanging up his spurs, bull rider Zac McDaniel wants nothing more than to fulfill Delaney’s dream of having a family. After all, his best friend’s ex has been his fantasy for years. Zac, however, has no desire to be seen as just a means to an end. And when Zac insists on doing things the “old fashioned” way, their passion explodes like a bull out of the chute…

Some Bucking Is Bound To Happen

While insisting it’s all just a passing fancy, the more Delaney sees the softer side of the rough and tumble cowboy, the harder it is to keep her emotions corralled. Zac, meanwhile, is more determined than ever to prove he’s what she really needs, and will do whatever it takes to tear down the mile high fence around her heart…
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My review
Beauty and the Bull Rider (Hotel Rodeo, #3)Beauty and the Bull Rider by Victoria Vane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The night Zac first saw Delaney he was with his best friend, Ty. They both thought she was beautiful, but Zac thought she would never take up with a lowly cowboy. Ty figured he would give it a chance and the dance turned into a marriage, but Ty wasn’t ready to be tied down and Delaney and Ty divorced, this left Delaney with half Ty’s ranch and a guarded heart.
Now years later, Zac has decided to act on his attraction to Delaney. She wants a baby, he can help with that, but not just a baby though, he wants more. Now he just needs to convince Delaney.
Delaney wants a baby and doesn’t need a man to do it. She has learned how to artificially inseminate a cow; she can do the same thing, if she finds the right “breeding stock.” Asking her ex-husband was her first choice, since he didn’t want to commit to anything. However, he has said no, what does she do? Suddenly Zac arrives and offers to be her “baby partner”, but suddenly he has conditions. Can she open her heart again? Or did Ty fracture her heart beyond repair?
This was a really enjoyable read. This is a truly enjoyable read, the characters are enjoyable. It is a really sweet love story, let me tell you though when they get steamy, wowzers, it is hot! Delaney fights their chemistry so hard, she really does not want to give to it; she has a plan and doesn’t want to deviate from it. Zac doesn’t want to give up on her either and he works on wearing her down. I read it in an afternoon, with the other two books in the series, you could have a great few days of reading.
The Hotel Rodeo series is a fun and entertaining read. They are great to read together.
I have received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Author Info
Victoria Vane is an award winning author of smart and sexy romance. Her collective works of fiction range from historical to contemporary settings and include everything from wild comedic romps to emotionally compelling erotic romance. Victoria is the founder of the Goodreads Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers and the Romantic Historical Lovers book review blogs.


Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

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