New Release: You Were Here by Cori McCarthy

You Were HereYou Were Here by Cori McCarthy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You were here by Cori McCarthy
This is a great book, it is a mix of writing and graphic novel. It is a true coming of age story and moving on from loss. There is some tears as truths are learned and lots of laughs. This book is about what happens after graduation, especially when you are not looking towards the future with any hope. Jaycee’s brother died doing a stupid thing, flipping off the top of the swing set, landing on his head breaking his neck. Jake wasn’t the only carnage from that night, his sister, his friends and his sister’s friend all were witnesses and their lives were all forever changed and not in a good way. Can they ever move on past the pain of that night?
This is a well written novel and a great read, I am so impressed with how well written it was. It was very touching, the heartbreak felt by each characters and their life experiences. You could feel their pain through the writing. A fantastic book for young adults and adults who love a good story.
March 1

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