Weekend of Love: Crash and Burn by Michele Callahan

Crash and Burn (Love You Like A Love Song Book 1)Crash and Burn by Michele Callahan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have read many of Michele’s science fiction books, so this was my first romance novel by her. Just like her science fiction books, I LOVED her book. Chance and Erin have the sweetest love story. The characters in this book are great and entertaining. Chance’s brothers are so funny. AJ, Erin’s brother, is really troubled and treats Erin like crap. However, she has been taking care of him since their mom died wrapping herself around a tree. Chance is still reeling in the loss of his adoptive mom who saved him from a tortuous home life.
Both Erin and Chance are not living the life they want, but neither knows how to get out of it. Then they meet each other and both of them find that they can be their true self. It scares them both. When Erin gets the chance of a lifetime, it means leaving Chance and AJ behind. This is the end of any thing she and Chance could have, right?
This was a story not just about love, but about finding one’s true self. I really enjoyed reading this story. Michele Callahan is a talented writer. I can’t put her books down once I start them. I read this one in one sitting, it was really a great read.

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