Passion’s Poison Erotic Novel is Released Today!!

This book has erotic themes and isn’t for those under 18, don’t read this blog if erotic scenes disturb you. I’m going to throw a few fun memes so only those who want erotic books will scroll on down. It was a great book that I couldn’t put down.


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When I read the synopsis of this book I just didn’t see how this was a good book. A woman makes men sick when she orgasms?!?! However once I got into the book, it ended up being really good.
Beatrice Rappaccini was cursed, just like her mother, grandmother and those before them, her body was full of poison that could only be released through an orgasm while having sex with a man. Her life was made up of traveling to areas away from where she lives, having one night stands with men because once the man absorbs the poison he could very ill, she didn’t know if it was possible for them to die. But she didn’t have a choice, she had to release the poison or she would die. This meant she couldn’t have a relationship, can you imagine every time they had sex she would make her man ill or possibly kill them.

But what happens when she meets the one she cannot resist? The one she wishes for a future with. It just happens that through her job, she meets the man of her dreams, Zach Woodman. Zach makes her want things she thinks she cannot have. In her first meeting, she couldn’t resist kissing him and how unprofessional is that. He makes her feel things, she doesn’t want to feel because she can’t have normal.

Throw in a crazy mother, who only wants to see her daughter married and she has no limits when it comes to marrying off her daughter. Her mother will even drug her date if she has to! Including the fact that Beatrice has 6 fathers, her mother doesn’t know which is her father as her mother had a set of 6 men she slept with to remove her poisons. Though they could have done a DNA test, four of the six men chose to father Beatrice.

In addition, someone is stalking Beatrice. She is receiving notes and she can’t figure out who it is. All of this while she explores her feelings with Zach. At first she thought he was immune to her poison’s, then she almost kills him. Then when Zach finds out about all of her one night stands, with photographic evidence, he is done and won’t even let her explain. He thinks she is a cheat. Since, Beatrice has fallen in love, she has no choice but to let herself die. She cannot go and do one night stands anymore, her mother brings Beatrice’s old boyfriend to have sex with Beatrice, to save her. But Beatrice refuses to sleep with anyone but Zach.

When the stalker is revealed he says if he can’t have Beatrice, no one will and tries to kill her. Can Zach get over himself and save Beatrice? If he does, can they have a future if every time they are together she could kill him? Is there a way for them to be a normal couple?

Oh my goodness, this book was super exciting at the end. It was super erotic. I couldn’t put it down. Though when I started I was a bit of a skeptic, it ended up being a great love story. It was great, I would definitely give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Great job Lexi!!

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