New Series by Ranae Rose- Dark Blue – South Island PD #1 Release Day Oct. 12

Let me tell you that I was so excited that Ranae Rose had a new series and that I was given the opportunity to read the new series, South Island PD. This book is similar to her Lock & Key series, with yummy police officers.
To purchase click on the cover (pre-order through October 12)

There are quite a few things going on during the story, sometimes that can make the story very muddled, but not in this instance. It kept me turning the pages to find out what happened. Jackson and Belle were friends in high school that took it to the next step one night, the next day Belle left and didn’t return until almost 10 years later. The first thing Jackson does when he learns of her return….writes her a ticket for speeding!!  He does arrive at her home that evening with flowers and eventually she agrees to dinner with him. This starts the beginning of what Jackson and Belle have both been dreaming of, the chance at a real relationship. However, they encounter quite a few trials that challenge the budding relationship.

From abusive cops, past hurts, green dildos, Jackson getting shot to Belle getting kidnapped; the action is definitely on in this story. In addition, you will find their love scenes, nice and steamy. The question is, can Jackson and Belle finally get their happily ever after; despite the challenges?

It is so easy to get so engrossed in the story that you cannot put the book down.   That was definitely the cas for me, I read it in two days!!!  As usual, Ranae Rose creates characters that are engaging and fun.  I really enjoyed this book and would rate it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Book 2 in the South Island PD book isn’t available until Winter 2016, so if you want some great reading along the same lines, check out Ranae Rose’s Lock and Key Series!! Awesome reads!!! Click on each cover to purchase on Amazon.

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