Hold On by Kristen Ashley

Hold On (The 'Burg, #6)Hold On by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love bein’ back in the ‘Burg

Merry and Cher’s love story is a powerful one and I loved it! It was one I hated putting down and stayed up late reading. This story had me laughing, got steamy and drew some tears. It is about the power of friends and love. It is about overcoming the shit that life can deal you, but come out better. It is about doing it again, if it happens again. But, if you hold one, dreams can come true.
If you haven’t reading this series, you are missing out. There is romance, hot alpha males, suspense, and great characters. This is an amazing series and I hate to see a series come to an end, but hope Kristen Ashley has some more good stuff coming out in a new series. Totally love her work. Hold On is one of my favorites. Great book!!

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