The Guardian by Cara Addison

The Guardian [Sequel to Unwanted Attention]The Guardian [Sequel to Unwanted Attention] by Cara Addison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everything can seem so perfect, when one night that perfection is shattered, the question is can Brett and Austin survive it? When Brett and Austin lose their best friends and gain a newborn son, while expecting their third child in 6 months, Brett is shattered. Austin is left to pick up the pieces while being pregnant and carrying their third child, can she do it? When Austin gets a call from Brett he is going to Atlantic City for the weekend, she tells him not go and if he does, not to come back. Will this mean the end of their marriage?
This book has some pretty heartbreaking moments. You can almost palpate Brett’s pain and Austin works really hard to save their marriage. But in The Fortuitous Pen & Going the Distance, Austin and Brett had a fairy tale beginning, then in Unwanted Attention, a scary trial with a stalker, but experiencing the loss of their friends and their struggle for normalcy after it may be their toughest challenge, but Ms. Addison presented their struggle so that it was honest and very real. It is a quick read and an enjoyable continuation of this couple’s series.

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