Thursday Think About Review: One Perfect Year by Melinda Curtis

Quick review, for a great book; just something to think about today. I wanted to share this sweet love story. A definite feel good story. Shelby and Gage met when Shelby moved into their town. He met her first, but when his best Friend, Nick, met her, Nick and Shelby fell in love and got married. However, that didn’t mean Shelby and Gage didn’t hang out and act as best friends. However, Gage secretly loved Shelby. He was frustrated that he came second best to Nick again.

However, Nick dies in a freak kayak accident and Shelby’s world falls apart. When she turns to Gage, her best friend, he takes off and won’t speak to her. She moves away from their small town, but her grandpa calls her back and then starts meddling, along with Mae, another senior citizen who takes Shelby under her wing. Can Shelby come out of her black hole and take the chance at loving again? will Gage give up his racehorses for Shelby?

This book is  so sweet and funny. Just an enjoyable read for an afternoon. I give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
It is a feel good, “heartwarming” story and I loved having the opportunity to read and review it. Melinda Curtis is a great writer and I always enjoy her books.

Available March 1st, click on the cover to buy

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