Series Sunday: 12 Cowboys A Full Review

I have read almost all of this compilation and wanted to share it with you as it is awesome!! Some are sweet, some are hot!!!!, and some are a combination of both. I have read the first 10 and let me tell you that the .99 cents they are charging is worth every penny! It is a fun and great read, I am totally enjoying it.

Twelve cowboys, how can you go wrong with 12 cowboys? This is an amazing compilation of books about cowboys and you will not be disappointed.

imageA Cowboy’s Seduction (Cowboy Brock)
When someone puts people he loves before himself for years and never taking anything for himself; doesn’t he deserve a vacation? How about a woman who was hurt repeatedly by her ex-husband and was trying to re-establish her own life. A vacation is just what the doctor ordered. When Natalie sees a hot cowboy at the airport, there wouldn’t be a chance he was going to the same resort. However, who should appear when she goes to check in, none other than her cowboy. When she finished checking in, he was gone. But, when he walked up to her at the welcoming bonfire the sparks start flying immediately. This love affair is sweet and hot; however is it a fling or more?
This was a quick and great read. Definitely had me turning the pages to find out what happened next. Their chemistry sizzled!! I want to give this story ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ , the characters are engaging and just an enjoyable read.

imageSadie and Her Cowboy (Cowboy Jake)
In 1883, running a ranch is the last thing a woman should be doing according to every male in the wild wild west. So when Sadie refuses to just hand over her ranch to the Land Baron Harlan Boone. It seems Boone is taking matters into his own hands, poisoning her cattle, cutting down her fences and causing stampedes. As well as stealing her ranch hands. What is she going to do? When her long time family friend recommends Jake Wagner, well known gun slinger, Sadie thinks she has made the wrong choice. Especially after the first time he pulls her over his knee and spanks her….what? he spanks her? Yes, and though it takes her by surprise and she is embarrassed, there is something about it that has Sadie on edge. Sadie is feeling things she has never felt before. When they finally act on the chemistry they have, oh wow! Look out it gets steamy. On top of the fact, the attacks are increasing. Now Boone has burned down the barn where all her ranch hands were sleeping. What is next someone’s death? When Sadie makes a bet with Boone about Cattle Driving 3000 cattle for 10,000 acres of her land or his land. They know they are flirting with danger. This story has you squirming with the sexual chemistry these two have. On top of learning who will survive and will end up with all the land? Or who will end up dead? I give this story ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ , it had good suspense and great chemistry. It was a page turner for me. Positively enjoyable!

imageThe Billionaire’s Husband Test-Billionaire Online Dating Series (Cowboy Cooper)
The loss of the love of your life at a young age is tragic, especially when it is a soldier lost. Those left behind have to learn to move on without their loved ones. Emma, lost Marcus from an IED and has been the Walking Dead from that moment. She couldn’t figure out how to move on and throw in her 4 overprotective brothers who want her to be happy and move on. Encouraging her to date by bringing guests to dinner in hopes for her to find happiness. Another widow, Leslie, is starting a business, Billionaire Online Dating Service (BODS.) 😉
She asks Emma (she doesn’t know the billionaire piece) to sign up and Emma comes up with a plan of having a horrible date and then her brothers would get offer her back. She would put this guy through a day on her ranch and he would run.
Emma didn’t know she was matched with Cooper, a billionaire by 30 and ranch owner. She has Cooper come to the ranch where he meets her 4 very big and broad brothers, then makes him do 4 hours of bailing hay, then tries to scare him by giving the toughest horse and he passes them with flying colors, much to Emma’s dismay. Then they go down to the pond, where Emma told Cooper, swimsuits were optional. An offer Cooper couldn’t turn down. At the pond Emma comes clean about her plans for this horrible date. Cooper comes up with a plan of a couple dates and then he will break up with her and her brothers will hate him and leave her alone. So who falls in love; him, her or both? You’ll have to read to find out.
My heart ached for Emma, but damn she had to see how awesome Cooper was!! He was sweet and was enjoyable to read about. I give this book a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ , I fell in love with Emma, Cooper, the brothers and the BA club!! It was entertaining made me want to keep reading and it killed me to put the book down. Dang, 3 for 3 so far…9 more stories to go, hope they are all this good.

imageHer uniform cowboy (Cowboy Kade)

Kade was a soldier, cowboy and sheriff, who wouldn’t want him? Not Brandi, she had her fill of soldiers. Especially after an ex who was in the guard and destroyed her. Except her body didn’t agree and responded to him when he was around and her mouth lost control and said things that weren’t flattering to him. Kade didn’t wan’t to like this designer, who accused him of being an animal abuser, despised his service in the military and accused him of being a gossip; but he couldn’t get her out of his dreams. When they finally connect the chemistry is off the charts, until Brandi’s past insecurities get in the way and Kade’s guilt over losing a soldier under his command almost destroys him and the two of them. Can they overcome? This book is funny, heartbreaking, and passionate. The characters are great and I have already bought the next in the series. I would give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .

Another really good book, makes this series worth the change they are charging for it!! Heck I am not even half way through the series…

imageI am not your melody (Cowboy Big Bad Bill)
Allie, recovering from her husband of 10 months running out on her with his secretary, and Bill, recovering from the death of his wife, meet after corresponding via email for 3-4 months. Allie has sold everything, she is now half owner of a bar and full owner of the apartment over the bar, and has just driven across the country from Miami to Northern Idaho, two-weeks earlier than expected. Nothing could go wrong right? Allie and Bill come out swinging, fighting when a stallion is spooked and almost tramples Allie, until Bill saves her. Allie and Bill seem very connected at times and other times very cold. Both trying to figure out if they will risk their hearts or not.
With this story, it felt like we came in about mid-story. It was a bit rushed and then had to back-peddle to go over things they talked about. When stories are told from both characters perspectives, it can really add to the story. However, because the change in perspective was very unbalanced, much more Allie than Bill, it made me wish to hear from Bill more. I also was hoping for more from the four guys. Overall, this book earned ❤ ❤ ❤  from me, it was a quick, easy read, kept me engaged to find out what happened, but wasn’t disappointed that it was a short story. I was bummed that it will be sometime before Zach’s story comes out. Hoping with a full length novel that the potential in this book comes to fruition.

imageChase and Seduction (Cowboy Chase)
STEAMY-STEAMY-STEAMY!! Oh my this book could have easily overheated my iPad!! Was a bit surprised it didn’t! My toes were curlin’ that is for sure. It was a good book and I enjoyed the characters, it is sad that people can get so lost in their insecurities that they will throw away a really good thing. I give this book ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ as it has engaging characters and definitely keeps me turning the pages to find out what would happen next and when Chase would pull his head out of his, well his stupid place. Again I bought the next book in the series, got to find out what that punch was all about!! Love it when the book I read makes me want to read more!!!


The Cowboy Wins a Bride (Cowboy Jamie)
This book was funny and sweet. Jamie and Claire grew up together and have danced around an interest with each other, but never connected. Jamie has had enough and he is ready to ask her to marry him. He just wants to find the perfect opportunity, however he attempts to talk to Claire and since Rob played a pratical joke on Claire with a marriage proposal from Jamie pinned to a towel. So Claire is a bit on edge and Jamie ends up shoving the ring on her finger and telling her she is going to marry him, but Claire thinks it is still part of a practical joke. Jamie is determined to prove to Claire that she is the one he wants. He asks for 6 weeks and the first week they have guests at the ranch. Claire agrees but sets some rules, Jamie can’t flirt or touch her. Jamie agrees, but flirting is his nature, he doesn’t care, he is determined. Five weeks of small steps forward and big steps backs leaves one week for Jamie to prove his love. He just needs to deal with the group of friends that will be staying at the ranch. When it turns out it is a group of beautiful women, Jamie is beside himself and he is worried. Claire thinks it is hilarious. The two of them continue their dance, however when Claire’s ex comes back in the picture, there are all sorts of complications. On top of that, Claire finds out she has a half sister that she never knew about. Can Jamie accomplish his goal of marrying Claire? Or is all of this too much and she needs to leave the ranch for good? This story was great, it had humor, suspense, and passion. It was a great read! I totally give this story ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I bought the next book in the series, have to find out if Rob will find his happiness.

imageThe Harder They Fall (Cowboys Hank)
This story was about chemistry, sexual chemistry. Hank and TJ meet because Hank coudn’t do the calf roping in TJ’s Rodeo. He thinks he will seduce her and get it lifted, what he wasn’t expecting was falling in love. TJ doesn’t trust cowboys, when this beautiful cowboy starts seducing her, she wasn’t trusting he would actually be interested in her. But when rumors that the rodeo circuit was investigating her for turning sexual favors for the disqualification to be lifted, she has to make a choice; the cowboy who had her heart or the rodeo that she has spent the last 12 years working into a great one. Will she go with her heart or with her job? This book was a good, I enjoyed reading it. I give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ It was a sweet story about two people with major chemistry.

image The Real McCoy (Cowboy Ford)
A sweet, but funny love story. Crystal is surprised by her friend and her employee, Porsche, with a weekend at a “stud” ranch, not a B & B like promised. A weekend with young strippers wasn’t what she was interested in, she wanted a manly man, not drenched in cologne, rock hard body and has body hair. When she meets the stripper of her dreams, she comes on hard (with the help of some tequila). What does he do? He puts her to bed, not without a mind-blowing kiss. When she wakes up she thinks she dreamed the whole thing. However, their is a cowboy hat in her room…
When Ford came over to his neighbor’s “stud” ranch to check what the emergency message from Cody was about, however he was accosted by a woman that came onto him like he was the last man on the planet. However, he was stunned by her beauty and was quickly taken up in her passion, when she asked him to her room and she tasted like tequila, he knew what he must do and it wasn’t what he physically wanted to do. Then he finds out his little sister was at the ranch and almost lost his mind. However, his friend Cody, told him his sister was a woman and he had to let her make her own choices. However, Cody asked if he wanted to help him this weekend and Ford agrees. He would be able to look over his sister, but maybe meet up with that city girl again…
Cody sends Crystal out to where Ford was sleeping in the barn and she realized her dream was true reality. Fireworks were popping between the two of them and a kiss led to a passionate encounter. Then at breakfast, Crystal learns who Ford is and she has no idea what to do. But Porsche has an idea and asks Crystal to keep her brother distracted so she can have a fun birthday weekend. Can distraction lead to love? Can Ford find love with this city girl? Is Crystal a city girl?
This was a great love story, I really enjoyed it. I give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I may have to get the next one to find out if Porsche can find love.

Badass (Cowboys Isaac)
Good girl gone bad is this story. This story was surprising, passionate and engaging, I really enjoyed it. People aren’t always what they seem, is really the moral of this story. Everyone thinks Isaac is a “Badass”, but don’t know the good things he does; including funding a homeless shelter and many other charities. However, Avery knows. Avery, a preacher’s daughter, is a good girl and she knows the good things Isaac does because she has worked with him on the charities and she knows he doesn’t want the accolades. For this, she loves him and has loved him for a long time. However, except for one kiss, he won’t give her the time of day. Now, she has decided that she is going to throw out her good girl image and learn what it takes to win over Isaac. After trying to get him to give her a chance, she takes herself to a brothel in Nevada to learn how to please a man. Can she please Isaac?
Isaac has wanted Avery for a long time, but he is a dom and she would never understand. It killed him to send her away. However, now that she has disappeared he has to find her and make sure she is safe. Will they ever find their way to each other? Will the love they have for each other be enough? However, when Isaac’s past catches up with him will they survive?
This was a great read, I couldn’t put it down. The McCoys are a great family and I enjoyed getting to know them. I will have to read more about this family. I give this story ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ because it was such a great read. I for sure want to read more about this family!

image This was a surprising book from beginning to end. This was a great story set on a nudist resort. The characters were great; a prostitute, drunk, madam, hacker and a gambler. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. But, this was a great love story with suspense, passion and humor. I really enjoyed it and I would like to give this story ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ as it was fun and intriguing. It had a bit of suspense that kept you guessing; which made it interesting. Great book.

image Cupid’s Cowboy (Cowboy Jace)
What a sweet love story to finish a great compilation with. Jace and Leigh had a rough beginning, both dealing with trust issues, but in the end can they make music? This was quick, sweet and an easy read. A book that is a read for an afternoon. I give it ❤ ❤ ❤ It was cute and an underdog story. Definitely sweet.

This is a fantastic compilation, definitely worth the money and time to read it. All the stories were an enjoyable read. You won't be disappointed You won't be disappointed with any of the 12 cowboys will meet.

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