Series Sunday- Due South Series by Tracey Alvarez


I have read all 5 books in this series and I LOVED IT!! It is a great read; it makes you laugh, the passion can make your toes curl and the love between the friends and family in these stories are just lovely. So that is why I sharing this series today. I will be updating this review as soon as I read the third one in the series, but here are the reviews for books one, two and four. (Read out-of-order, oops! 🙂 ) You can click on any cover to get to amazon, because you will enjoy this series. It is awesome!!
The author, Tracey Alvarez, is very pleasant to correspond with. I met her through for the read and review program. When I checked out her About Me on her website, I found that even though we live on opposite hemispheres (She is in New Zealand and I am in the United States) we are kindred spirits. We both hated math, would rather be reading. Have been saved by our kindle app, so we aren’t under a pile of books, which allows us to have a long wonderful ‘to-be read list.’ Granted I am not a great writer, I enjoy her books immensely.
Anyway on to my reviews. Every book gets a rating of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ It is an enjoyable read and I just fell in love with the characters. Plus, the passion about overheat my iPad. 😉
image image image
This book is free for a short time, click on the cover to go to amazon and download a great read.
My Review
Wow, what happens when two people have demons, but also have such chemistry and they fight the feelings they both are feeling. Piper and West have a long history, one of being Piper’s the little sister that tagged along with them. Then she became a beautiful young woman who was beautiful, intelligent, and had dreams of becoming a police officer. West couldn’t resist her and one night after she turned 18, but then he dumped her, then two days later her father died when Piper was his safety diver. Between West dumping her and her father’s death Piper left the island and her family and didn’t look back. When she finally came back 9 years later, the sparks fly between Piper and West. Can they move past their past?
The chemistry and sexual tension in this book starts as soon as Piper returns to Oban. You cannot put this book down, you keep turning pages to find out what happens next. This book has humor, passion, heartbreak and has characters you love and are engaging. I cannot wait to read about Ben and Kezia’s story. Definitely recommend this book


This was such a wonderful love story. Ben, who was never going to be a father or marry, suddenly becomes a father. When a former fling from when he was 20 shows up and drops of his 8 year old daughter. He has no idea what to do as a father. So he turns to Kezia and her daughter Zoe for help, does he learn to be a father? Can he commit to his daughter, as well as Kezia and Zoe. Can Kezia let go of being let down by those she depended on? The night her dead husband died in a car accident, he had left Kezia and sick little Zoe to fend for themselves. Can Ben and Kezia resist the steamy sexual chemistry they have? The toe-curling, steamy passion between Kezia and Ben can make you squirm as you read. The passion they have can’t be denied can it? I really enjoyed this story as I loved this series. It makes me laugh, it keeps me up as I read late until the night. It is a great book and series.
Oh my, what a story. Sweet little Shaye can be hot little Shaye with Del, AKA Hollywood. The two of them have chemistry from the handcuffs in the start of the story through the pain and trouble they go through. This story made me laugh, cry, and again made my toes curl from the steamy scenes between Del and Shaye. This was such an easy and great read. I totally love this series, so glad to have read it and makes me want to go explore New Zealand and find what would draw people to it. Absolutely read this book, it was fantastic, even though I wanted to kick Del’s butt a few times for being a stupid alpha male!! But he made up for it in his hot and sweet way with Shaye.
Such a sweet and steamy story! Born a Christmas Miracle, Kip could be the Christmas Miracle for Carly. Carly once loved the holidays, but with losing her father the year before. She had been very grinch-like since. Especially with a step-brother who is her boss, but who also was her unwilling step-brother. Things aren’t looking very jolly for Carly. Until she falls pff a ladder and onto Kip, when his parents unexpectedly walk in on this situation. The laughs an passion don’t stop throughout the rest of the book. Great read, totally a book you can enjoy in an afternoon.
I have fallen in love with the characters from Due South. This was a lovely book that gave many of the characters their happy ever after. This book was a nice finish to a wonderful series. The series is great from start to finish

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