Series Sunday: Kristen Ashley’s The Three Series

As this is the new year, I am continuing to try new things with my blog. Today I will pick a series that I have enjoyed and feature it. Today’s pick is by Author Kristen Ashley. The series is The Three Series. Which consists of three books: Until the Sun Falls From the Sky, With Everything I Am, & Wild and Free. (Click on the covers of each book below to bu from amazon.


This is a paranormal romance series. Now, I didn’t think I would enjoy this type of story, but I really did. This series is made up of three love stories and the story of how these three couples would save the world.

The first love story, you have Lucien, who is the mightiest vampire, and Leah, a human whose family has served vampires as concubines. Which means they are lovers and allow vampires to feed off of them.

The second love story is Callum, King of the Werewolves, and Sonia, his queen. For most of Sonia’s life she thought had an illness that if she didn’t take her medicine. What she finds out is a game changer, when Callum finds all is lost, is it really lost?

The third is Abel, who is both werewolf and vampire, and Delilah, who is human. Abel, who was found in an alley as a pup, was raised by the women of the Jin family. However Abel thinks of himself as monster, because he has never met anyone like him. He also for the second century he has been alive has been searching for something, he just didn’t know what he was searching for. Delilah was much the same way. She told her parents it felt as though there was a hole in gut. Her father understood, but her mother put in therapy, including medicine. When they find each other, the ache is finally gone.

These three couples make up The Three in a prophesy that says

The Three Series:
Until the Sun Falls from the Sky– As always Kristen Ashley creates characters that you become intrigued with, you may love them, hate them, or get aggravated with them. Lucien and Leah’s story is definitely about submission and passion in everything, fighting, loving, etc. I wasn’t expecting to be interested in this story, but I couldn’t put it down after I started and finished it in one day…love Kristen Ashley! She is an amazing writer!!

Lucien has had many concubine, but when he meets Leah, things change. They change where he must break The Dominion Council’s laws that forbids Vampires from marrying their human concubine. Can they figure out a way? Or are there too many obstacles?  My rating is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (What does this mean, click on hearts at top of page)

With Everything I Am– Callum is drawn to Sonia like no other. He is shocked she isn’t a wolf. However, he claims her anyway. Their love story was not an easy one. There were many missteps before finding what they truly mean to one another. At one point Callum thought he lost it all, when he lost Sonia. However, not everything is at seems. My rating is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Wild and Free– This book has you from the first chapter, it is one you cannot put down. The characters are engaging. The story is intense. Can you imagine being a biker chick, with a biker dad and a mom who thinks you are crazy and suddenly you are being claimed by a vampire werewolf? Plus discovering the ache that you have searched to fill; is filled by this vampire werewolf. This is where Delilah finds herself with Abel, a vampire/werewolf hybrid. They are passionately in love with one another instantly.
However, their love story is not a simple one. As soon as they find each other, they find out they are one of three couples who are destined to save the world. Oh boy, that is a thing to deal with early in the relationship. This was a great story of the Three couples who were destined to save the world from the immortals who wanted to enslave humans. Can a werewolf king along with his werewolf queen, a vampire and his human bride, plus Abel and Delilah defeat the evil immortals? You must read this, plus the two earlier books in this series. FANTASTIC READS!!! Kristen Ashley does not disappoint!!! Loved this book, actually loved the series!  My rating is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I hope you take a chance and read this series. It has some hot and passionate scenes, major alpha males, strong women that on occasion back down to their mates, and some profanity. There are some kick-butt fighting scenes as well.


If you haven’t read Kristen Ashley before, let me tell you check out the Rock Chick Series (click on any of the covers below to go to amazon), hot alpha males and totally rocking leading ladies!! Actually read any of her books, I have read all of them!! I can’t think of any of them I didn’t like. She is a talented writer, hilarious to talk to (talked via Facebook), and she is entertaining. I bet you will find out what an amazing author she is. ❤


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