Review of Little White Lies by RC Matthews

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Written by author RC Matthews image
// Can you imagine leaving your fiance at the alter in front of a thousand guests, then going on what would be your honeymoon cruise, where you would be sitting at the Newleywed table…alone? Then to find your knight in shining armor who suggests you “pretend” to be newleyweds for the week. Well Madalyn goes against her rule following personality and agrees to be “Mrs. Spencer” for a week. They have a wonderful week together and by the end of the week Madalyn finally admits to Royce that she has fallen in love and the next morning he is gone, no toothbrush or carry on that she could find. She is devastated and heads home broken hearted. She moves from Chicago to where she grew up back in Detroit, MI. She starts at a new law firm and her first assignment, help a company with their first IPO offering, and the CEO was Royce Spencer. Uh Oh!?! To find out what happens, you have to read this story.

After reading it, I decided that I would give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ because it was such a fun read. Not only was the chemistry fantastic between Madalyn and Royce, the passion almost made my iPad overheat!! 😉 It was also fun because the second half of the story was located in Detroit, MI; which is where I grew up (well a suburb of it.) Anyhow, it was fun to know Madalyn was a Wings and Tigers fan. Plus reading about locations that I am familiar with, like the Penobscot Building, Riverfront Apartment Building and Slow’s Barbecue. So if you are a Michigander, you will love it. I hope you you will be checking it out. After exchanging some emails with the author, she says she wants her books to be “feel good” books and that is such a great description of this book. Totally love it, check it out for yourself!!

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