Review of Lock and Key #3 Officer in Pursuit by Ranae Rose


I was lucky enough to be offered an Advance Release Copy to read and offer a review.
As usual with Ranae Rose’s writing, I totally love it!!! The scenes are steamy or the scenes are suspenseful keeping you turning the pages to find out what happens next. On to my review…


The first time they met back in book 1of this series- Grey found the girl he wanted in Kerry, she was shy and a bit stand offish, but “(Grey)He grinned, beaming particularly brightly at Kerry, whose usual serious expression barely wavered.” However, part of Kerry’s serious expression was because Kerry had secrets, secrets that even her best friend Alicia and Sasha didn’t know.

Part of Kerry felt that “She was too broken, even after all this time. Suddenly, her years of metamorphosis seemed more like years of scraping by. Surviving. Never really changing. She was aware that it was pathetic, but her panic left her little emotion to spare on that fact.” In her opinion though she liked Grey and she felt Grey was interested in her, she felt that “Grey didn’t deserve to have all her crazy dumped into his lap.”

So why was Kerry so broken and what was her crazy? When she was 18 and living in Kentucky she was forced by her family to marry Brad Sawyer. Brad was possessive and abusive. He broke Kerry, not just physically but mentally too. For three years after she left Kentucky and landed in a beach-town in North Carolina. She remained out of the spotlight, she was a housekeeper, no one notices the housekeeper. She wants to blend in the background. She wore plain and modest clothes, nothing to gather attention. Because If anyone know her secret, she was afraid that somehow her ex will find her. He made promises of things that if Kerry left him and Kerry knew he would come through with and these were not nice things that he promised.

However, Grey has set his sights on Kerry and he is going to win her over. He didn’t care what he had to do. The two of them, Grey & Kerry, have chemistry that cannot be denied, however Kerry is fighting it because she doesn’t think Grey would respect her after her finds out her past. It is only when someone leaves a 2 month old newspaper on her porch and then slashes her tires, Kerry seems to think that her ex has found her. She has no idea what to do, but Grey is there and should she ask for his help?

The rest of the book is about how Kerry deals with the return of her ex-husband. It is not a loving return. You cannot put the book down as you didn’t know what was going to happen and whether Kerry was going to survive. Not only did you question whether Kerry would survive, but would Grey and Kerry give in to the passion that simmers between them? This book is hot and suspenseful, definitely one you can’t put down. I would give this book ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ This is a fun read, the chemistry between Grey and Kerry almost sizzles off the page. Brad Sawyer is a BAD guy, who make a great villain and makes the book good and helps…well I can’t tell what he helps as it would be too much of the story. Please check this book out! It is a great read!


While you wait for this one to come out, read the first two

Officer out of Uniform (Lock and Key Book 2)

Officer Next Door (Lock and Key Book 1)



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