Review of Inked in the Steel City Box Set Books 1-3


You have a found a treasure chest, three wonderful stories of people covered in amazing ink find love. I fell in love with each couple as they overcome what challenges them. A small overview of each story.

Hot Ink- Story of Mina and Eric. Mina has been taking care of her younger sister, Jess, who is in a wheelchair since their parents died in the car accident that put her sister in the wheelchair. She is working hard as a bank teller to keep the two of them afloat, no time for Mina to date, or is there?? When she gets her amazing tattoo that covers her back at Hot Ink done by Eric.
Her friend Karen is a photographer, takes some pictures of the tattoo and now the owner of Hot Ink ,Jed, wants to take more pictures to use in advertisement and when Mina, standing with her shirt off ready to show off her back tattoo someone walks in, who is this stranger? No stranger, it is Eric and they end up posing together and they look amazing and it gets hot between the two of them, then suddenly there are pictures of the two of them all over town, it is great until she is fired from her bank teller job. How is she going to support herself and her sister? Turns out they need a receptionist at Hot Ink, so she take it.What does this mean to Eric and Mina? Can Mina break out of caretaker mode long enough for someone to take care of her?
This is such a sweet romance story, Mina needs to decide whether she can manage a dating life while managing to take care of her sister. After a date or two, could it move beyond dating?
This was a great read, I really enjoyed it, we meet a great group of people that we learn more about in the subsequent books…


Innocent Ink- The story of Karen and Jed. Jed is the owner of Hot Ink and through the opportunity that Jed gave Karen to photograph past clients tattoos, she was noticed and was able to quite her part-time waitress job to be a photographer full time. However, now that one dream comes true, can another one become true? Karen really wants Jed, can he get over his past and the age difference and fall for her to? He thinks she is amazing, but she was too innocent, too young and too ambitious.
These two are stubborn, but sweet. It is so fun and a little heartbreaking watch them go back and forth in their feelings for one anther. Can Karen push through all of Jed’s history in order win his heart? Or will her heart break in the process


Dedicated Ink- The story of Abby and Sam. This is my favorite out of the three…After a one night stand at a bar, Abby finds herself pregnant!!! What is she going to do? She is in panic mode and doesn’t know what to do. Until Sam walks into Hot Ink to get a tattoo from Abby and when Abby comes out to meet her 12 o’clock appt., boy is she surprised when the man she had a one nigh stand with and the father of her baby is standing in the lobby. How would she tell him? What would his response be? Could they build a relationship that started as a no strings one night stand to being more than just parents to their children (yup, she finds out she is expecting twins!!)?
There is so much spark and passion between these two and there is of course their past that comes back to haunt them. Can they safely be together? Totally a great read and page—turner. You have to find out what happens next!!
Totally a five-heart ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ treasure trove!!image

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