Review Alex: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel

First off, I am a hockey mom and second I love to read. When I came across a romance novel base on a hot hockey player, I was totally in and when it was AMAZING, I couldn’t believe my luck 😀

imageIf you haven’t figure it out I gave this book ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I totally fell in love with Alex

imageAlex Crossman plays in the National Hockey League for the Carolina Cold Fury and he hates hockey and pretty much everything. He is an amazing hockey player and  he doesn’t hide his dislike for fans or anything related to being a professional hockey player. So he is called into the coach’s office and he has to commit to at least five hours a week during the season twenty hours a week during the off-season and he will have a liason that report how he is doing each week and whether or not he is committed.

His Liaison is Sutton, a twenty-two year old with a master’s degree in social work. Who happens to be a knock-out. She also knows nothing about hockey and to Alex’s surprise, she didn’t know who he was.

Needless to say they both found the other quite attractive and a millions of reasons they shouldn’t be together…



Alex has finally found someone who won’t take his shit, though he tries really hard.

Homework,” she grins….Looking at the binder like it’s a bug in my(Alex’s) hand, I can’t help the way my nose wrinkles up. “Why don’t you read it and give me the Cliff Notes version?” Sutton laughs…With Sutton’s laughter still ringing, I shake my head and grumble, “I didn’t say that to be funny.” “No, I’m sure you didn’t,” she says while still chuckling, “but I’m not doing your homework for you. (location 437-446)

The twosome didn’t come from great beginnings. Both were abused in ways children shouldn’t be, but the question becomes what do you become after abuse. Do you rise above or do you fall apart and wallow in what your life was?



Suddenly, a past love of Sutton’s is back in her life. Wanting to give their love another chance. Is Alex going to miss his chance? However, if Sutton’s dreams were any indication of her desire…one hockey player had a good chance if he would just take that chance.


He blew off a meeting they were supposed to have, but sent tickets with a note that they would meet after. Her seat is right on the glass and next to her is Monica calls her a “Hockey Virgin” and  introduces Sutton to the game of hockey. By the end of the game Sutton is totally into the game and obsessed with hockey.


They meet up at Hoolihans and so begins the dance of Alex and Sutton, things go well, Alex lets his baggage get in the way he storms off…or Brandon tries to cut in. This is a love story that not only do the characters fall in love, you fall in love with the characters. Alex and Sutton are truly good people that came from rotten backgrounds. Will Sutton move on from Brandon, be the trophy wife by choosing the “safe choice” or follow her passion and go for Alex?


Does he screw it up? For sure you will get mad at Alex for being thick-headed, but when he finally realizes……wait you have to read it to find out; I can’t tell you what he finds out. This is a great book and the 5 <3s is truly deserved!! It is sweet and funny, definitely one of my favorites!!! Read this book!!! It is a Hockey Mom’s fantasy!! It is any woman’s fantasy!!!

Purchase by clicking here- Alex: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey)

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