Review of Illusion by J.S. Cooper

imageOh my!! I was asked to give a review as an ARC and let me tell you, OH MY! What a book I give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (What does this mean? click here )

This story is about a young woman named Bianca. Bianca has tragically lost her mom to what she thought was a car accident until she received the letter from her father that he wrote just before he died. He wrote that the company Bradley Inc. was dangerous and had secrets that they would do anything to keep hidden. Bianca found her inner Nancy Drew and decided to investigate…did she mess with the wrong company?

Soon she suspects she is being followed, a police officer pounds on her door and says she called 911 from her land line (she doesn’t have a land line) and after he leaves her apartment she gets a call from her dead father’s number…she was warned “Be careful of those who seek to help you. They may do more harm than good.” She realizes that she is in real trouble when she ends up kidnapped and finds herself on a stranded island, however she isn’t alone. She was tied up with a man named Jakob, the amazingly handsome man she had encountered a few days ago at a cafe. The question is can she trust him? There is no doubt that she is attracted to him….

imageHowever, it doesn’t take long to figure out they are not alone on this island. They come across a man named Steve. Now, who can she trust? Can she trust either of these men or neither of them?  This book has so many twists and turns, you begin to trust but then they say or do something that makes them suspicious. It truly is a great book that I couldn’t put down, as I said with all the twists and turns, oh and the sexual chemistry between Jakob and Bianca…WOWZERS!!  I just had to see what happened next.


Now, I have to wait until spring 2015 to find out the rest of the story.


Check out the trailer

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