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At the end of the Ex Games, Katie’s friend Meg, who had lost her job due to Brandon, was looking for a job. She was going for a job interview at The Private Club to be a bartender. A little background on Meg is that she was a lawyer and is 25 years old. When she arrived she met Greyson (such a hot guy name), who is the owner of the Private Club. When he gets in her office, he tells her to “Taker your clothes off” (Wowzer) and Meg does not do this, she gets feisty, he gets a phone call and it is Brandon and Greyson says that Brandon cannot tell him who he can hire….this turns out to make Meg determined to take the job to find out why her best friend’s boyfriend doesn’t want her to take this job and how he knows Greyson and what is going on at the Private Club. It makes Greyson want to hire her to find out how Brandon knows her. She is offered the job and she accepts and she now has three days to prove she’s got what it takes to work at the Private Club. The problem, no one will tell her what the job is, and it is definitely not bartending. She tries to get Greyson to tell her and he wants to know how juicy her lips are she tries to say no and act like the attraction isn’t mutual and backs up but gets caught up in her heels and she falls. He helps her up and he takes a taste. She accuses him of sexual harrasment and he says-


I’d never had such a base reaction to a man before. Greyson Twining intrigued me and attracted me. My loins ached to touch and be touched by him. The visceral reaction I had when I saw him made my blood boil over with heat.” Meg- Location 138

Though Meg tells Greyson that she doesn’t want him to touch, kiss her or anything else. His response-

“I’m going to honor your wishes. The next time my lips meet yours will be because you begged me to kiss you. It will be because you couldn’t go another second without the feel of my hands caressing your body.” Greyson- Location 191

Her training involves staying at the club for three days. She is put with a roommate Nancy, whose sister came to the club and disappeared and she was there to find out what happened. There are other girls there for “training” not all as friendly as Nancy. Then there is Patsy, the leader of the training and secretary for Greyson. All is not what it seems though…Brandon definely has involvement in this story.

There are so many twist and turns in this book. The way Greyson pursues Meg, is sweet, hot and passionate! Meg spends the stroy finding out things, then something else contradictory to what she knew. The secrets everyone holds, she doesn’t know who to trust and what she should do next. There are times she wants to give up and just live. But she feels a connection to Greyson, one that makes her feel alive and heated.

I would highley recommend this book, the writing is amazing. Just when you think you got it, you find out something new.

imageI give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I couldn’t put it down.

Looking forward to JS Cooper’s next book Illusion out November 11


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