Love and Surrender by Cali McKay


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I rated it 4 stars, Zoe took away a star, but it was still a great story

I did not like Zoe in this story, I thought she was whiney, difficult and liked avoiding blame. I almost stopped reading the ook about mid-way because she annoyed me so much. However, Cali McKay writes a great story that has twists and turns and makes you want to find out what happened I hope you give this book a chance, you may not have such a dislike for Zoe. However, let me tell you Morgan is hot, hot, hot!!! He occasionally took the overprotectiveness a bit overboard, but he is quite the lover. Enjoy finding out for yourself whether or not the character strikes you the same way….

But for my blog, I thought I would go in a bit more depth and try not to be a spoiler-

imageI give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ , what rating means, click here
First, as much as I didn’t like Zoe in this story, I want you to know that Cali McKay’s story writing kept me hooked into the story. It takes a talented writer that could make you have such a reaction to a character in a story. When Zoe was annoying me most, I thought about putting the book down and reading another. But, the talented writing of Cali McKay kept me in it and I am glad I finished as I liked how it ended, now back to my review and summary.
Back Story-
So Zoe is working in club with a semi-abusive boyfriend owned by a mobster by Billy Saks as she dresses up like a dominatrix. She had planned to runaway, but she saw a man who looked like Morgan’s, her male best friend that she grew up with and who she had a one-night stand with 4 years ago that she keeps at a distance, dad. So she stays to gather information. Though Morgan told her not too. One day Morgan came in and he found Zoe in her Dominatrix outfit, he wanted to run onto stage, but he waited until she was done, grabbed her bag, and he threw her over her shoulder and took her out of there. Right before they got out they met Sean, Morgan put her down and pulled out his gun and told Sean “We’re going to go now, and you’re going to f&*king forget her. She’s done here. Done with you. So don’t even think about coming after her. She’s MINE now.”
Wowzer!! If that doesn’t put the Alpha in Alpha male, I don’t know. what is. So how does Zoe react to being saved from a life under the thumb of a mobster and mobster want to be? She is pissed at Morgan. Oh my is she pissed off! He takes her away to his cabin in the woods and she is so made at him. But Morgan doesn’t care because he has decided that he has waited long enough to claim Zoe as mine and he was going to take this opportunity at the cabin to clam her in as many ways as he could!!
So this is where I get a little annoyed with Zoe, she is so mad at Morgan because he didn’t get her out of the club in her way (but she kept stalling), she was made she didn’t have money to pay for school (Morgan wanted to help her), she was mad he pissed off Sean, she was mostly mad that she had to be in his presence and she felt guilt for a MAJOR secret that she kept from him.
They fought the whole ride up but Zoe finally fell asleep and Morgan carried her in and then held her while they slept and when she woke up her first comment was “I appreciate the ride, but you can put me down, You may have kidnapped me, but it doesn’t mean I’m not capable of walking just fine.” Oh she regularly had barbs at Morgan for “kidnapping” her. However, he would regularly turn them into erotic comments right back. “Oh if I kidnapped you, does that mean I get to tie you up and have my way with you sweetheart? ‘Cause I’ve got to say that works just fine with me.” But of course though she was turned-on and wanted him. She pushed him away and said they were just friends. Regardless of how many times she pushed him away she pushed him away he reached out to touch her and say soft comments to her. They had some passionate kisses, but she still pushed him away again and again.
I think what bugged me about Zoe is it was always what would happen to her. She was whiney about if Sean would make a scene at her work, how Morgan wouldn’t love her if the big secret would come out. How, she couldn’t do this relationship with Morgan because she might get hurt. Then there was a point in the story where the passion started. Morgan and Zoe couldn’t resist their chemistry anymore and wowzers! The passion those two had!!! I thought it would melt my iPad. The sex could make many people blush, but it came to the point where sex was used as avoidance to talk about real stuff.
Finally, the secret comes out and let me tell you the twists and turns in the last part of the story keep you flipping pages wanting to find out what happened next. The ending is what cinched it for me, however Zoe annoyed me a few times in this part, but I can’t explain too much or I will give it away. However, when Zoe said, “I love you too, but I don’t think it will be enough: Oh my goodness, heart being stomped on…painful. Overall I would recommend this book to friends and hope anyone reading this blog would give it a chance because Cali McKay is a talented writer and as I said before it takes talent to create a character I could dislike so much. I’m thinking Zoe reminds me of my ex-sister-in-law and that could add to my dislike

Purchase this book- Love and Surrender (The Billionaire’s Temptation Series, Book 3)

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