Officer Out of Uniform Lock & Key #2 by Ranae Rose

I had the privilege of reviewing Officer Out of Uniform before it was released and what a privilege it was!!

Totally give this book ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ , click here for what rating means

This is the story of Henry and Sasha, it is the second in the Lock and Key series. The first was the story of Alicia and Liam, you don’t have to read the first to read this story, but both are amazing books!!

Officer out of Uniform COVER

Back to my review-

The story takes place in small county in North Carolina where Henry is a retired Marine, that was injured in an IED explosion, and is currently a prison guard at Riley Correctional Center in North Carolina. He had an amazing dog name Wolf; that he raised since he was a pup. Sasha is the head chef at Wisteria Plantation House Restaurant on the grounds of the Wisteria Plantation House; which is home to Brutus the Alligator and a variety of ghosts. However, it is a wonderful tourist attraction and host to many weddings.

The only information you need from the first book was a couple violent, twisted, and murdering brothers named Troy and Randy Levinson escaped from Riley. Troy went after Liam and Alisha and was killed, which left Randy who set his sights on Henry & Sasha.

Let me tell you that the heat between Henry and Sasha could have burned up my iPad, I’m surprised that it didn’t! The chemistry between them was apparent from the first day they met. The problem was both had baggage that left them each feeling they weren’t enough for the other. They both experienced death earlier in their lives and that experience changed them.

Henry was a manly man and very protective of those he cared about. So when he found the Warden killed and strung up like an animal he was worried that Randy Levinson was back. He suddenly felt the strong need to protect Sasha, especially after their night of passion together. Both of them fell deeply for each other that night, but was worried the other didn’t feel the same.

For much of the story they two of them spent dancing around their feelings, trying not to let the other know how deeply they had fallen and so quickly. However, their passion for one another couldn’t be denied. When they finally admitted it to one another Henry told Sasha as she was handcuffed behind her back, “I want you like this because I don’t you to be able to get your hands on me…No touching. Not doing anything for me, like you always are. I love all that, but I don’t need it. I don’t want you to do anything except let me show you how much I want you.”

Besides the passion between the Sasha and Henry, there was a murderer on the loose and he was going to kill Henry and Sasha. His first attempt was when Henry and Sasha was returning from the beach and as they arrived home they were shot at from the woods. Henry told Sasha to stay put and stay down and he went after Randy, well, Sasha got up ran into the house and let out Wolf. Then went after Randy herself. While running into the woods, her cover-up tripped her up so she ripped it off and continued running in her bright red bikini and her Shun ( an extremely sharp cooking knife). One little thing Sasha is well-endowed in the breast department, so she should only be running in an extremely supportive sports bra. Anyways, can you imagine what Randy and Henry thought as this woman with a knife in a bikini. Well it was enough to distract Randy and Sasha got a few good stabs in and Wolf got a good bite in the shoulder. All of this wasn’t enough to catch Randy, but it did some definite damage to Randy and Henry and Sasha finally admitted they loved each other.

As you can tell this book was full of passion and some scary twists and turns. I couldn’t put it down and found it was a great book. I loved Sasha and Henry, though I wanted to shake both of them sometime for being so stubborn about admitting their feelings to one another. And Randy was an awful character, I hated the parts of the books from his perspective, he was really evil.

This book was a great read, Ranae Rose is a talented writer that creates characters that you can fall in love with and that you can hate. I can’t recommend this book enough and hope you will read it when it comes out Sept. 19

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Buy the first book here- Officer Next Door (Lock and Key Book 1)

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